Six Months into 2020

In June 2020 Zia Savel Ltd celebrates the first six months in business.  I know each year gets faster, but 2020 has been the fastest year so far, so what has been achieved?

In my first post of 2020 I mentioned one of my drivers for starting my business was to be more present with my family and not to be travelling as much as I had throughout my corporate career.  Wow – perhaps I should be more careful about what I wish for, as 2020 have now turned into being 98% present with my family (I do escape for a solo walk with my audio book now and again).  As for travel, we did manage to get to Finland in February.  Finland is always a total escape from reality.

January and February had structured days, dropping the girls off at school and nursery,  I would work non stop until pick up times.  Most days I would head into the city for meetings.  Occasionally meeting in Garden Centres and Country Clubs, but mostly in the city.  I felt like I should buy shares in Ringo with the amount I was spending on parking, the same applied for coffee.  I had many meetings over coffee in lovely locations with great atmospheres but the pace I had aspired for in 2020 was not reflecting the balance I craved, I was still rushing.  I rushed the kids in the morning, I rushed from drop offs to meetings, then rushing back to pick up times.

In my coaching I am wholly present, I limit distractions, I am totally focused on my client and give them space to find their solutions to there business and personal challenges and aspirations.  Being calm is at the heart of my coaching style.  Rushing does not feature.

March and April resulted in schools closing, the rushing stopped.  There was nowhere to rush to.  There was little structure to the days, they rolled from start to finish with lots of freedom…. Was this what I craved for 2020?  Not at all. It was all too loose.  I am driven to have a purpose and a key driver for my business was to finish things.  To know when a piece of work starts and ends.  Day by day, we found our rhythm.  Can’t believe I am writing a business blog and talking about we, but the balance had changed.  For Zia Savel Ltd to be successful and credible I needed to work alongside the needs of my 5 & 6 year old.

May and June brought all my clients to online coaching, all meetings and networking too.  The rushing stopped and the purpose was clear.  I found an efficient way of working.  Instead of a coaching session taking 4 hours including travel, parking and coffee, coaching could be done in anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  Diving in for 2 hours of no interruptions, no distractions and seeing the power of online coaching has been so rewarding.  Home schooling is in a rhythm too now.  I have seen my children grow and develop with their independence while I work.  They can entertain themselves and manage challenges that would have previously resulted in a loud yell of ‘MaaaaaMaaaa’.  I also know their educational needs better than ever before.  I can now partner with the school to develop my children at home using common techniques and language that is meaningful.

Being in lock down has not been a choice, but it has made me re-evaluate again what I am looking for in Zia Savel Ltd.  I think the key is freedom, flexibility and creativity.  I am so satisfied by the amazing results my clients have achieved and this is so energising.  The days I have coaching client calls, fill me with energy, as I can see how coaching moves them to their goals and helps with challenges they face.

As the business environment continues to change with the economic crisis, along with the pandemic is having a huge impact on business’ and individuals.

Coaching can be useful in:

  • Building stronger business’ through refining the way you work
  • Developing teams to deliver stronger business results
  • Senior Executive Leaders transitioning into portfolio careers and Non Exec Director roles
  • Senior promotions due to organisational changes, with challenging deliverables, while learning the new position
  • Developing your CV
  • Looking further ahead to the lifestyle you aspire to and building blocks to achieve these aspirations
  • Finishing university studies and getting ready to start your career

I am hugely proud of all my clients and their drive to achieve, especially with all the challenges of 2020.   Coaching is a powerful tool to lead your business, own your development and your future.  It would be great to hear from you via or

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