Daffodils Mondays – Hope

A couple of years ago, I was at the kitchen table and noticed the daffodils eek through the grass.  It made me think about the hope that begins with seeing the daffodils come through the ground.  The rise of the daffodils brings signs of spring, new life and lots more light, if you live nearby me.  I always remember a recruitment firm had advert that said, ‘Smile its Monday!’  The blend of hope and enjoyment brought about Daffodils Mondays.

There is a hope that coaching brings the same feeling of light, possibility and positivity into my clients lives, their teams and their businesses.  Imagine that energizing feeling of waking and looking forward to your working week, all of it, not just pockets of what you enjoy.  Fantastic thoughts come to reality through coaching.

The concept of Daffodils Mondays stuck with me, while I wasn’t bold enough to call my company Daffodils Mondays. I did name of my blog page Daffodils Mondays, as the essence behind coaching with me reflects the feeling of light, growth, possibility and positivity.

I had a belief in planting bulbs, that I would help to create plants with happy bright flowers.  As a coach, this is exploring what might be, if you give something a chance, a space to grow and flourish you may be surprised with the results.

Many of my clients find themselves in a time of change within reorganisations, leaving companies, applying for and being successful in new roles, making bold career or lifestyle choices.  In many cases it may feel like being in the dark, not sure of what may come next.  In this phase of the daffodil, all the systems to survive are developing, when we are not even aware of the growth and development beneath the ground, as these fantastic bold spring flowers start emerge.

Spring is a great time to explore what you are seeking next.  If you would like to find out more about what coaching can do for you, your team or your business, please get in touch at zia@ziasavel.com or DM.

As we are in the Daffodil season, I’ll post a series of Daffodils Mondays theme.

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