Daffodils Mondays

Daffodils Mondays is a place to come to think, to consider new ideas and reflect. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the blog posts, so please get in touch.

Daffodils Mondays is an aspiration to think about Mondays in a positive air of possibility.

Daffodils suggest winter is coming to an end and spring is just round the corner. There is an old superstition in England that predicts wealth will be yours if you can see the first daffodil of spring you will relentlessly gain wealth and freedom! The spiritual meaning is centred around hope, contentment and joy. This flower brings with it many opportunities in life.

Daffodils in brighter shades of yellow depict respect, regard or cheerful togetherness.  It can also mean good luck, love and fertility.

Mondays means every Monday…in fact this is intended to be for everyday. Imagine the feeling of getting up to go to work each day with positivity, passion and purpose.   Think how satisfying that would be. There is one person who can influence this each day… What are you going to do to get this spring in your step?

At this time of the year the efforts of daffodils is all happening underground and only the first shoots are starting to break the ground.

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