Dress Up Friday!

Throughout my career I have longed for Fridays to wear my jeans and be really comfortable at work. I always loved that Friday feeling and made a point of going out for lunch on a Friday. At times Friday lunch was an event, where team members and desk neighbours would come together and head out. Fridays always felt lighter, with the excitement for the weekend approaching.

Here we are in week 6 of lockdown in Scotland. Today I decided it was to be Dress Up Friday! I bought ‘Snag Tights’ the week before lockdown and they have been calling me to wear them since I got them, but I have had no need as I can do coaching online and can wear my jeans. Today I thought I’d try on the new Snags. I tried on my corporate black pencil skirt with some heels. My daughter’s comments included, ‘What are you doing? Where are you going? Those shoes squash your feet! You look strange!’ This quickly turned into a shoe trying session with my daughters. Each pair was pulled from the boxes and tried on. How strange it felt to be wearing corporate clothing and heels. I didn’t look like me. It looked like I had on someone else’s clothes. My daughter was right, the shoes did squash my feet. To think I could deliver full day leadership programmes or facilitate leadership meetings in heels! A smart top and jeans are a perfect combination for me to work in, its practical, comfortable and from the top up looks smart! This is a part of lockdown I have loved. I suspect when we get back to meetings in person, I will revert to more formal work wear again, but maybe not as corporate as I did before. What people wear does not impact their capabilities. The perception of professionalism and norms may come from people who have expectations of what  ‘should’ be done and how we ‘should’ look to perform certain roles. This links to inclusion and recognising capabilities, while not making judgements.

I do wonder when lockdown is lifted if work wear will change. What do you think? Are you missing work wear? How would you like your business’ dress code to look?

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