Hello world!

Happy New Year! Today is the first day in my career that I’ve not done the early morning commute to an office. Today the pace and purpose is different.

Welcome to Zia Savel Ltd. What a way to start a new year than by starting a new job.

This is a new job with a difference, I am the boss, the employee, the IT team, the comms team, the finance function and there is nobody to approve my time or holidays. I can start and finish my day when it works for me and my clients.

My new job is my coaching company focusing on 1-2-1 executive coaching, executive team facilitation and leadership development. It is a real delight to focus on the areas of development and business delivery I love. I am using ALL the skills I have developed over my 20 year corporate career and am now learning at the fastest pace of my entire career as I establish my new working practices.

Finding the balance of work and family is an aspiration for me in 2020 continue to follow my blog to see how this goes.

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