We enable executive leadership clarity.

Immediate, impactful, and individually tailored.

Senior leaders' time is precious.

Working with Zia Savel Ltd ensures leaders gain insight at pace to take action and positively impact business performance.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching creates space and clarity for leaders to reflect, explore, challenge, and develop their leadership through a series of 1:1 executive coaching sessions.

Leadership can be challenging, executive coaching creates a safe confidential space for leaders to recognise their own and other perspectives, which has a direct impact on self, team, and business. Get ready to embark into an exploration of self-discovery and achievement!

Zia Savel

Systemic Team Coaching

Systemic Team Coaching engages all team members to recognise the entire system the team works within. The Systemic Team Coaching approach recognises success is a blend of all team members, while recognising each individual performance, the methodology explores underlying team dynamics that will shape team effectiveness and enhanced performance.

A blend of 1:1 Executive Coaching and Team Sessions support the team and individuals to explore, openly share, work though challenges, and determine positive routes forward.

Let's embark into an exploration with the whole team to experience the team’s full potential!

Executive Facilitation

Leading effectively in today's rapidly changing world requires more than just expertise—it requires collaboration, adaptability, and a willingness to embrace new perspectives. Our Executive Facilitation services offer a safe and inclusive space for leaders to explore challenges, source ideas, and co-create innovative solutions.

Executive Facilitation creates space for the leader to be fully in the room in their role, rather than attempting to manage the meeting alongside performing their role.

Support though design, engagement, execution and follow up are included within Executive Facilitation.  The facilitator will lead all planning activities, support in materials development, team engagement, support for guests and collation of all meeting outputs.

Let's work together to be present in your meetings while achieving your goals and drive lasting success!

Executive Outplacement

Organisational transformation is common in all workplaces, as organisations need to constantly adapt to remain current and progressive.  As a result, displacement of senior leaders is common.  Recognising the organisational change is separate to the person.

Executive Outplacement supports leaders make positive transitions into their next phase through  1:1 coaching to support your unique needs and goals and CV and interview preparation. From crafting standout CV to mastering interview techniques, we equip clients with the tools to succeed in the job market.

We also know that job loss can be mentally and emotionally exhausting so we offer compassionate and practical support to navigate the transition with wellbeing and balance.

Let's embark on this next chapter and turn your career transition into a positive and empowering experience!

Many employers support outplacement coaching, in severance package negotiations.  Share this page with your employer to ensure you commence the best transition.


"Zia is a fantastic facilitator who has a proven ability to explore, identify and make the most of both individual and collective personnel attributes through her engaging coaching techniques.  I would highly recommend her abilities to improve your team's productivity!"

Vice President, Energy Sector