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Ready to Role – The Outcome

The Ready to Role series concludes in two ways. The Offer or The Next Role. Following the Interview The primary focus for the candidate is the performance at interview.  The constant review of performance.  The fixation of how the candidate […]

Hi Barbie!

Half way though the Barbie Movie for the second viewing, my daughter asked, ‘Mum, can we go to the toilet please?’ With a grump I left the movie and as my daughter always does, she started talking from the moment […]

Shop Local

Shop Local is a value I hold strongly. As the buyer of Executive Coaching for many years, I had a couple of trusted coaches the organisation had worked with in the past.  If there was ever a request for coaching […]

Want or Need?

“When you need me, you don’t want me.  When you want me, you don’t need me.” Nanny McPhee   This quote has shown up twice for me in 2 days. This morning while trying to peal myself out for my […]

Maintaining Momentum

When clients go offsite to work on the leadership team and the business can be equally challenging and rewarding. The retreat of being away from the workplace to invest in leadership team relationships, to provide business clarity and direction is imperative […]

Get Noticed

At the ECITB Project Management Conference, I was delighted to talk about Career Transitions through the Energy Transition. Many people perceive a challenge in moving sectors, while my experience in Career Transition Coaching (Outplacement Coaching) highlights that proactive career searches […]

Are you stitching me up?

I heard this yesterday. It was said with such clarity and the direct approach was received with fun and the conversation started with ease about what was happening. The context was between a primary 7 and primary 5 at breakfast […]

Reflection in the Stillness

True reflection only takes place in stillness.  Imagine an image of still water, when we notice a really still day, the reflection can be perfection.  The reflection can mirror the surroundings. Finding stillness for Executive Leaders and Executive Leadership Teams […]

I can do it!

Have you ever been in the position when you’re the worst at something?  You are brand new to something? Every move you make, you overthink? That was me skiing – Each year we venture to Finland with the most fabulous […]

You know this!

Have you ever said to yourself, ‘I know this, what has led me to do this?’ I had that moment in Greece this summer.  It was the end of the evening and I was cleaning up the patio before bed. […]


After 3 years of not seeing our family and friends in Slovakia, we have just returned from two wonderful weeks of reconnecting.  It was like we saw each other yesterday, we picked up at pace in deep conversation and instantly […]

Where are you going?

Where is your business going?  What are you doing to get there? Some might say in business these are very simple questions with clear, structured plans that are well understood by all business leaders who are working to deliver in […]

Light up your Career

The new year offer opportunities to do different things, to focus fully in areas that would otherwise drop into the mass of other demands on your attention and time. I spend a lot of time working with clients on finding […]

New Light

It is only 20 months later than most, but we have a home worker in the house! We are still in the novelty stage, so I notice the choice of Radio 6 cool tunes, rather than my cheesy online tracks.  […]

You are here!

Every moment of every day you are here.  Here in this moment, not in the past and not yet in the future. Is being right here, right now what you and your business need? Take a step back for a […]

How ready are you?

To go back to the office, to take time out on parental leave, to take on a new job, take a career change or retire? I spend a lot of my day talking about exactly this, from the perspective of […]

Things I used to believe!

I work better under pressure!  I really believed this. When working on my first dissertation I was still writing the night before the deadline. I also had a bubble jet printer which took hours to print. I now wonder what […]

Chasing Chickens!

Have you ever chased something round and round in your mind? It could be work, relationships, health, the noise of the wind on the roof or anything that get stuck in our minds. I have many examples personally and from […]

Jumping with Joy!

Yesterday I saw a grown man jumping with joy at the prospect of his children going back to school. He explained the impact schools reopening would have on his children, their social and emotional wellbeing while receiving a full education […]

Positive Destination

Have you ever found yourself in, or following redundancy, a career break, being on furlough or starting retirement and struggle to find the words to tell your story positively? I am spending a lot of time with my client at […]

Listen Up!

Coaches talk about listening to listen, rather than listening to respond or comment.  Listening usually means paying attention to someone speaking, following the conversation and taking in what is being said.  Listening takes concentration, effort and skill. When you are […]

The Power of Silence

What does silence do for you? I find when I am in my office alone, I put on music to fill the silence.  I sometimes find myself singing along and turning the music up little by little.  I hadn’t really […]

Thinking Strategically!

Do you ever look back at strategy from past years and celebrate what has been achieved? I always think about strategy as a future focus, but recently I found a strategy I created in 2018. I was amazed and elated […]

Changing Seasons

As we enter Autumn in the UK, I notice the environment changing. the farmers where I live have been persistently busy through harvest, to planting new crops for the Spring. The colours have changes from bright greens of hay fields […]

Peace and Tranquillity

How clearly can you think when there is space with no distractions?  The clarity of thought that is possible by removing all distractions and being fully focusing on what is important for you can drive incredible thoughts and actions. This […]

Bicycles and Flowers!

The past week of lockdown mainly involved bicycles and flowers.  My youngest daughter has found a passion for cycling.  The more challenging and greater distance the better.  This has resulted in the whole family touring around the Mearns on our […]

The Cycle of Uncertainty

  For many years I found myself worrying about what might be in my career.  I worried about organisational change, reorganisations, mergers, acquisitions, disposals and delivering a role that had a meaningful impact on the business and the people I […]

How full is your glass?

My first post of the year mentioned, finding a better balance in 2020 between work and family. I was so delighted with no morning commute.  Little did I know that 2020 would bring this to so many.  Four months into […]

Paying it Forward!

Mentoring at the University of Aberdeen is a true learning experience. I have had the pleasure of fantastic mentees across a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. My mentees to date have all been international students (Swedish, French, Greek/Polish […]

Being Present

More Time to Think by Nancy Kline is was a book that really drew my interest into coaching deeper than I would have believed possible. Nancy outlined the importance of being present, removing distractions and really really focusing attention on […]

Acceleration in home working.

Throughout my career I have had fabulous leaders who have encouraged home working which offered flexibility and trust in roles that were primarily office based.  I recall when a new employee joined my team and asked if she could be […]