Why coaching?


In a fast-paced world, it can be challenging to find an uninterrupted space, filled only with deep listening for your creativity to flow, and your clarity to be revealed.

Imagine a conversation that is limitless, free from judgements.  A conversation that holds space through the use of silence for your uninterrupted profound thoughts to emerge.

What will you find through your waves of wisdom?
What will you do in a new way?
What clarity will you find?
What will you do that you were previously afraid of even say out loud?
What will you do that you wished you had done before today?

I work alongside clients, in partnership exploring client’s topics.  The synergy the client and coach partnership creates profound realisations, possibilities and actions that are drawn from the client through unfaltering listening and bold questions.

One CEO I have worked with said, ‘You ask me questions nobody else dares to ask, as I am their boss.’  Through the respectfully bold questions realisations come quickly resulting in fast business and personal returns.

What will you realise through coaching?  To find out more please contact me at zia@ziasavel.com

My coaching sessions with Zia have been of great importance and value to me.  During our sessions there was always a clear focus on helping me to establish my goals. Zia would ask me open and powerful questions in a manner that would both encourage and challenge my thinking to explore areas that I had not considered.  There was a lot of respect for the work that was being done together and for me there was always a feeling of trust and integrity with Zia.  I was able to take time to think during the coaching conversations and also establish useful and timely actions.

Roy Allan, Project Consultant and Coach