Achieving Balance on the North Coast 500

What a delight!  Scotland in the sunshine, on the North Coast 500 this weekend.  If it is on your bucket list – go!

Do you recognise that rush of getting ready to take a break?

I have always had a crazy rush to get everything done before leaving work.  I also have an additional trait, that I like to have the house immaculate before going too. I guess that is linked to coming back to a nice environment, with no extra jobs to deal with on our return.

How helpful is the rush of energy I expel in advance of taking a break?

At work I ensure everything is done, everyone is informed of where projects are and I admit I have the to do list ready for my return.  To get to this stage I have high energy, I can feel the pressure to have it all done for deadlines that are entirely self-imposed and totally invisible to others.

My practices work for me, as when I leave, I am totally present with my family.  I have few interruptions from work and I totally switch off.  I can feel myself relax and my pace totally slow down.  I love the feeling of taking time out.

The images show our recent trip to the North Coast 500, where we enjoyed the golden beaches in beautiful sunshine, we shared the stroll to Tamine Bay with some beautiful Highland Coos and lazed on the couch looking at the meadow and blue sky.

The buzz and the rush of planning to leave, gave us all total peace and connection.  While in the moment of the pre-departure rush I wonder why, I realise when my world slows down and we enjoy every moment, get playful and have new experience, I will be refreshed and re-energized for work on my return.

  • What are your pre-break traits?
  • How do these help or hinder you?
  • What would you change?
  • What advice would your most trusted friend give you?
  • How do you get back into the work flow after a break?

I’ll be back on NC500 next week, but I will be delivering leadership development programmes, rather than walking and chilling on the beach!

I am looking forward to re-connecting with clients who live on the NC500 and now being able to have informed conversations about the beautiful area my clients have the pleasure of calling home.

If you are keen to Achieve Balance in your work, please contact Zia via email at

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