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Creating Space to Listen – The Impact is Incredible

As Coach and Facilitator creating space to listen is a core part of my job.  I have the delight of being the person listening directly, to clients, while also creating the conditions for others to listen without distraction in facilitated sessions.

Rarely do I see the listening in action in client’s normal environments.  This week the opportunity arose, where I asked, ‘Does your team member need to talk?’  Immediately the leader approached the conversation, with the only intention to listen.

As Nancy Kline highlights in the book More Time to Think, ‘give the thinker the opportunity to say everything that’s on their mind’.  This requires listening intently, without jumping in with our own perspectives.  Just listen.

I continued with my work from a distance, which created sufficient space for the conversation to feel safe and confidential.  I could not hear the words, but I noticed the connection.  The body language mirrored each other, the reactions were timely and empathetic.

As the conversation continued, it was clear the initial challenges that had been presented had dispersed, the conversation was now easier, the energy was flowing, the gestures were bigger, and both were smiling more.

The result of taking time and listening, without distraction or interruption created trust, openness, connection, possibilities, and belief.  The role of the leader / listener was simple – create space and be present.

From my perspective, it was like watching magic.  I am usually the person creating the listening environment, so to stand back and watch the wonder of others creating this was a delight.

The leader and team member reflected on the conversation and the new thinking.  Both recognised the value and have committed to take opportunities to talk and listen together.  This connection is open to all relationships – try it out with clients, peers, team member and family.

Enjoy the wonder of listening and please share how you get on!

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