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Four Years Since My Pass To Freedom

In my corporate career I experienced constant organisational change, re-structures and energy market cycles of boom or bust. I would survive cycle after cycle, but these cycles were waring.
The feeling of consent change and the consequence of projects being cut short, reshaped or moved resulted in a void of celebrations or recognition of achievement.

As the cycles repeated year after year, I noticed holding on tighter was no longer the answer. The organisation and sector needed to evolve and change to survive. The organisational impact was broader than my role.

I took ownership of what I really wanted. I got a new qualification, I networked and grew personally and professionally, then I got the news it was my turn to go. The relief that the constant cycle of doubt was now over was incredible. I was free to make career choices that I was passionate about.

Exiting my corporate role is a career highlight. It gifted me the freedom to work with clients who value Zia Savel Ltd, clients who are a prefect fit for the scope of work and together we recognise achievement and completion. Work is appreciated, valued and fulfilling.

For anyone leaving an organisation, this is your opportunity to carve your own path, to seek fulfilling work that will be valued. Take time to recognise your passion and energy, then pursue the routes that will refuel you professionally and personally.

If you need help, you could ask your employer to include Career Coaching / Outplacement Coaching to support your transition.  Contact zia@ziasavel.com

Picture: This was last week in Finland. I love the beautifully groomed path. The lines in the snow led my eyes ahead. The lines were less clear further away, but they continue. Each person that later skied or boarded this route would take a different path and approach. It is the same now for those of you with a career junction. You will be absolutely fine and like me, this may be one of your career highlights.

Enjoy the next steps, even if it feels a bit scary!

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