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Ready to Role – The Outcome

The Ready to Role series concludes in two ways. The Offer or The Next Role.

Following the Interview

The primary focus for the candidate is the performance at interview.  The constant review of performance.  The fixation of how the candidate responded to each question.  As with most overthinking, this is unhelpful.  The mind can go in circles, but there will be no resolution to knowing more via this route.

  • Reflect – It is useful to reflect on the interview performance. Recognise what went well and identify areas of improvement.
  • Timely – Be aware of the timeline the recruiter shared for the role. Reflect from your own experience of hiring, often hiring drops down the priority list as other work and priorities take over.  Delays in the hiring process is normal, so be patient.
  • Enquire – If you have waited to the expected timeline shared by the recruiter, politely follow up with an email or a call to find out more.
  • Feedback – It is common not to receive any feedback. This is hard to change, but what is in your control is to consider, would you want to work in an organisation with no feedback?  Perhaps this was the best result for you now.

When the recruiter provides feedback, receive this with gratitude.  It is your choice to accept the feedback and develop for future processes from here.

Not This Time

When unsuccessful in the role, consider what was the mismatch.  In most cases clients reflect and can agree there was a misalignment in their fit to the role or organisation.

Regain clarity and recommence your search.  Use insights from this process to refine your search and performance in the next role.

Be aware that your fit and performance may have been perfect, but there are other factors in play, for example an internal candidate either though displacement or succession are considered the best fit for the role.

Hiring Freeze – on occasions organisations freeze hiring mid process.  Again, this is no reflection on you, but it is an organisational process that happens.  Keep in touch with the recruiter / hiring manager, as the role may be exempt from the freeze or have a timeline in which the role should be reactivated.

The Offer

Client ask me how to handle the offer on a weekly basis!  There is only one person able to know if this offer is right for you!


  • How does this role fulfil your lifestyle? This can include available cash, time, work life balance, job title.  Everyone has their own criteria.  Understand what is important in your lifestyle and stay true to this when you review the offer.
  • More than base pay – There will be a magic number you are aiming for in the salary, but the total reward package entails so much more. Fully review the benefits and see where you can make savings or maximise the perks that all lead to fulfil the lifestyle you seek.
  • Value – Do you feel valued? If you fear accepting the role, as the offer impacted the value you feel, you should challenge if this is the best role for you.  Where people accept roles, where they feel undervalued by renumeration or cultural experience, there is a performance risk.  People can withhold their full potential and performance as they don’t feel valued or able to bring their whole selves to work.  In this case, think very carefully if this role is worth accepting.

Congratulations for reaching the outcome!

If you are yet read the other blogs in the Ready to Role Series you can find these in the Blog section.  If you are keen to explore more, please contact zia@ziasavel.com


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