Light Up Leadership

Light up your Leadership Team

What do you and your team need to deliver this year? How big is the stretch?  Is there room to adapt and change?

Imagine delivering all your objectives when your team has:

  • clarity of the focus areas and how to deliver these
  • ability to trust colleagues
  • awareness of own actions and the impact on others or tasks
  • action ownership and accountability to do what they say
  • humility to recognise and acknowledge achievement

As recent years have shown, living in a VUCA world with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity impacts business performance and employee engagement, impacting on productivity.

VUCA demands that leaders are agile in finding the best ways of working with the future in mind, failing fast, pivoting quickly and sustaining excellent delivery.

Performance of Leadership Teams who have invested in themselves and their relationships will benefit and excel with:

Clarity                Clear purpose, understood by all team members

Ability                Skills utilised in the best ways, use energy to flow.  Awaken employees’ passion to move the business forward while feeling effortless.

Awareness       Aware of how own actions impact self and others.  Awareness of wider team, business and client.

Action                Confident to take action and feel supported by the trust of leaders and colleagues.

Accountability Fulfilling commitments and highlighting where deliverables are at risk or where failures are likely.

Humility            Having the humility to speak up and know this will be welcomed in a safe and developmental tone.

Achievement   Recognise achievements, celebrate the energy and effort from all involved and recognise completion of the task.

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