Zia Savel

Maintaining Momentum

When clients go offsite to work on the leadership team and the business can be equally challenging and rewarding.

The retreat of being away from the workplace to invest in leadership team relationships, to provide business clarity and direction is imperative for all business’.  It is especially important when working in a fast paced changing environment.

It is possible for the day to day pressures to distract from the strategic vision and how collectively leadership teams can deliver better together.

What can you do to maintain the momentum?

At the event:

  • Create shared clarity.  Clarity should be developed and explored together.
  • Focus on the big picture.
  • Agree how and what will happen, including by when and who.
  • Grow and develop relationships, tackling the challenging conversations.
  • Form deeper understandings though social interaction.

Now step back and consider what makes the commitment to deliver a challenge on the return to the workplace?  Multiple distractions and the normal flow of work could overtake the positive intentions created while offsite.

What can you do about it?

  • Source an accountability partner to deliver the results – someone you commit to follow up with on the take aways in your business area.
  • Recognise achievements, slow down sufficiently to notice the incremental gains and share this within the business.
  • Make and commit time to explore possibilities, plans, actions and ownership.
  • Talk about if the plan, even if it slips and refine actions to remain relevant.
  • Connect regularly as a team at regular intervals, including making space for relationships building.

Keep all offsite commitments simple and focused.  Only take away the actions that will make the biggest impact.

When your leadership team are ready to create space and clarity for the business, please contact Zia Savel zia@ziasavel.com


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