Reflection in the Stillness

True reflection only takes place in stillness.  Imagine an image of still water, when we notice a really still day, the reflection can be perfection.  The reflection can mirror the surroundings.

Finding stillness for Executive Leaders and Executive Leadership Teams can be a challenge and this is where I champion the Executive Leaders and Teams I have been working with this quarter.  All of my clients hold challenging roles in their respective industries.  My clients have made the commitment to gathering their leadership teams to slow down, to look inwards to their team and themselves.

How to know when it is time to find Stillness?

From my Corporate Career as a Director in a FTSE 100 organisation, with 65,000 employees globally, I experienced the pace and persistent need to be doing more.  The pressure from all areas of the business and industry was constant.   The feeling of having to do more, work harder and be present,  can show up in behaviours,  burn out and confused messaging.

Stopping or slowing down under pressure is courageous.  In our minds the message is to keep doing more, as there is so much to do and it is piling up.  The offering of space to find clarity, slow down and look at the broader picture provides perspective and connection.  Slowing down, taking time to talk, explore, find new routes and build on relationships which may be been challenged,  neglected or misunderstood has huge personal and business return.

Under pressure we behave in ways that work against our intentions, based on the tone and style of communication.  The messaging can be mixed and often contradict business mission and purpose, as we become lost in the high energy challenges.  Recognising it is time to slow down, step back and rebalance is a wonderful awakening.

Systemic Team Coaching Creates Space

Systemic Team Coaching explores all areas of the system the leaders and team find themselves in.  Just like the Solar System, in the business environment all aspects are inter-linked and in motion simultaneously.  The pressure between parts of the system impact performance, add complexity and challenge.

Systemic Team Coaching is different from an Away Day, as the systemic principles ensure business value and action, which is far more than coming together for a day.

Examples of Client Breakthroughs in Q1 2023 Clients have:

  • defused relationship challenges
  • come together as a team
  • aligned on the big picture
  • exploration and understanding of all stakeholders
  • identified what executive teams needs to deliver

Most commonly relationships, clear priorities and associated communication are immediate actions, as clients recognise the internal state and the impact this is having on all stakeholders.

If you are ready to find your lightbulb moments with your team, contact Zia to discuss Systemic Team Coaching.

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