Things I used to believe!

  1. I work better under pressure! 

I really believed this. When working on my first dissertation I was still writing the night before the deadline. I also had a bubble jet printer which took hours to print. I now wonder what was I up to? I really believed I worked better under pressure. I probably held this belief for many years.

How funny now, that most of my day is spent exploring with clients how to be at their best. To date… not even one client has said they are at their best under pressure. All explain being at their best as having time and space to think clearly.

  1. Being on a diet = losing weight! 

On many occasions I have joined up to big name diet plans and rightly lost weight…. I have equally put it all and more back on.

What was happening here? I joined up with great intentions, I suffered the restrictions and learned the code, but the once my target was reached, I would revert to the old ways.

I did The Fitness Guy 10-week programme last year. I guess I’m technically still doing it, as I never saw it as a ‘diet’. I changed my beliefs, routine and habits. This is what has maintained weight loss and huge motivation to keep to my new way of life.

It is possible to question what we get up to and explore how this is helping the future we are seeking.  Just because we have done things in the past, this does not predetermine what comes next.  We all have the capability to be present now and enjoy it here, with an eye to the future.

  1. If I work harder, I’ll get (insert your own ideas here). 

If I work harder… I used to believe I will get a bigger better job, a pay rise and recognition.   In reality if I’d worked any harder, I could have burned out, damaged myself, loved ones and colleagues. If I am persistently pushing and trying to show my value to others, I could question my capabilities myself, resulting in self-doubt and confidence drop.

Working to be at your best is the key.  What works for you?  When do you have your best ideas?  What do you do, to make your work easy?  What a great idea, to make your work easy!!

I write this blog from the beach! Does this mean I’m not really working? No way, I am working better now, than I do sitting at my desk, as my mind is clear.  I am enjoying the beautiful beach, listening to the wind and the waves.  How does this help in writing a blog?  I write what comes from intuition, what I really feel I want to share, as some of these ideas may be helpful to you.

What about you?

  • What beliefs did you hold, that you have now questioned or changed?
  • Which beliefs or patterns of behaviour would you like to challenge or celebrate?
  • When are you at your best?
  • What do you do to get in touch with your intuition / gut / heart / will?

Coaching offers space to explore in a non judgemental, confidential conversation.  Coaching is versatile and can explore business, leadership and personal topics.  Coaching encourages you to notice now and celebrate this, which may lead you to future steps.   In many cases things from the past pop up in coaching, which can be explored if helpful, with the essence of moving forward with positivity.

If you would like to explore any of the above or topics which have come into your own mind, please DM me or email

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