When did you really take a break last?

I have had several holidays since I started Zia Savel Ltd, but all were interlaced with a lockdown or home-schooling looming.  Today is the first day back to work from the Easter School holidays and wow did we have a break.  The holidays felt so long, the time we spent together was wholesome.  We had no hurry, no rush to be somewhere, to meet someone or do anything too ridged.

We spent our holiday walking many kilometres, we explore the wind turbine walk near Stonehaven, all the peaks at Bennachie, at Glen Eye we saw our first basking adder and we enjoyed the tranquil serenity at Loch Kinord (pictured).

The freedom to explore and think was a gift.  We explored the physical environment, but we chatted and spent time together.  It was a pleasure.  All interactions were in person, with the space to explore and be curious.  The freedom from Zoom and Teams was a delight.

This made me consider returning to work and continue some of these experiences.  This morning I had a Coaching session and said, ‘I need a list of tasks to get back into the flow of work!’  Had I heard what I had enjoyed and how improved my thinking had been with the space and time?  My fantastic coach used her intuition and helped me find; I need more of what I had on holiday in the work context, so I pose you some questions to explore how you can find space away from the conventional structure.

Divert from the need to be busy and purposeful, as awakening creativity, inspiration, wisdom and flare will produce far more than the bound structures of convention.  Please play and ask yourself:

  • How much freedom do you allow yourself at work? What could you change?
  • What could you achieve when you have time to think?
  • How would being free from presenteeism online impact your effectiveness?
  • How do you do your best thinking? Where works best for you?

As most of my clients are senior leaders, I challenge you further, to also consider these questions from your team members perspective?  What would they say?  How would the space and time to think impact business performance?

Slow down, take time to think and space to be creative.  Coaching creates an environment for incredible clarity as the quality of thinking and resourcefulness is greatly enhanced.  Coaching is so impactful for clients, for their teams and the client organisations.

If you are tempted to find your productive self with the space to be at your best more of the time, please DM me or contact zia@ziasavel.com

Have a great week.


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