Where are you going?

Where is your business going?  What are you doing to get there?

Some might say in business these are very simple questions with clear, structured plans that are well understood by all business leaders who are working to deliver in harmony.

In practice of delivering in the moment, most leaders can become distracted by delivering in the moment and need to take specific time and energy to focus on the business direction and the strategy to deliver.

I love the quote by Daniel Kahneman from the book, Thinking, Fast and Slow,

“We can be blind to the obvious, and we are also blind to our blindness”

What may seem obvious to one leader, may be totally different to another.  The assumptions in our blindness can lead to lots of energy ploughing new business opportunities, while creating divergent paths and spreading energy too think.  The result can be lots of great opportunities and none delivering revenue and profit.

Bringing creativity and vision to business should be encouraged as this is what drives new ideas and new revenue streams.  The need for all leaders to share a clear understanding of the business aspirations and direction is essential.

When did you last take a step back and check in on your business vision?

I have recently worked with a number of entrepreneurial business’ in refocusing what comes next for the businesses.  Every business will have bespoke needs which are at the heart of strategy development.  While some consistent elements include:

  • Building Relationships – listening and hearing each other, creating trust
  • Exploring Together – exploring possibilities, being creative together, testing ideas and solutions
  • Identifying Opportunities – identifying how to move these forward
  • Co Creating Plans & Actions – communicating clearly and gaining stakeholder engagement

Daniel Kahneman’s quote talks to me about being caught up in the day-to-day business, and not looking up or looking around to see where the business should move next. When we have our heads down delivering, we can lose sight of our direction.

For many businesses 2020 – 2021 was the time to survive and navigate the ever-changing environment, while 2022 has opened up so many new ways of working and new opportunities to move business forward.

It has been inspirational working with business’ recently to focus, align, formulate a plan, with clear accountabilities and aspirations.  I look forward to hearing how my clients business’ go ahead to implement and deliver their next business phases.

If you and your team would benefit from taking time out to re-align your team and the business strategy, please contact Zia via email at zia@ziasavel.com

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