Are you stitching me up?

I heard this yesterday. It was said with such clarity and the direct approach was received with fun and the conversation started with ease about what was happening.

The context was between a primary 7 and primary 5 at breakfast club.


What happens that we lose the ability or desire to be this direct?

The over thinking mind jumps in, the worries of consequences and the fear of judgement if we make the ‘wrong’ call.


In coaching with Zia Savel there is no judgement. The space created for clients opens thinking, clients can say exactly what they see and work though how to approach complexity and challenging conversations at work.


The release of saying out loud what is in your mind clears space to gain clarity of how best to approach the situation.  The awakening from noticing what happens around us, slowing down to consider the most productive response.


If you would like to explore your unsaid please contact

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