Changing Seasons

As we enter Autumn in the UK, I notice the environment changing. the farmers where I live have been persistently busy through harvest, to planting new crops for the Spring.

The colours have changes from bright greens of hay fields before being cut, to shades of lime green once gathered.  The golden fields of wheat and barley quickly convert to browns, as they are ploughed and new shoots of early crops start to emerge.

I often thing of Autumn as the wind down season, the days here are getting shorter, the temperature drops.  I change my wardrobe to knits and very practical shoes.  I create warmth and glowing light with my log stove.

It feels like things relax a little, activity drops and the pace may feel slower at last.

How do you feel:

  • when the pace changes?
  • when the seasons change?
  • what do you notice about you?
  • what do you notice about others?
  • what do you notice about work?

Like the farmers planning ahead, Autumn is where my kitchen takes off, the soaking of the Christmas cake starts, then over the weeks, it is baked and tended to, with the aim of sharing it with family and friends, maybe in food parcels this year rather than the hearty times we have had in previous years!

Many of my clients are navigating change in their roles, their organisations and their personal lives.   Recognising what is happening and embracing change, while looking for the positivity and opportunity that change creates helps for the best you during and beyond change.

Change is in your hands, there is a lovely quote which captures my thoughts well,  ‘If you do not create change, change will create you.’  ~ Unknown

If you find yourself in a period of change, coaching can help navigate where you want to go and how you want to be.  I am doing a lot of Career Support Coaching for organisations undertaking organisational redesign.  It is amazing to hear what client want to do and how they approach the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Slow down for a moment, what do you notice?  If slowing down if challenging, coaching can provide the sanctuary to find your clarity.

Go on – kick those leaves, hearing them rustle and crunch! Enjoy Autumn and the changes it brings.

I have some availability to the end of 2020 for new clients, if you would like to know more contact or 07976571937

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