Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023 Personal Goals!

A friend asked me the other day, ‘What are your resolutions?’  It was a question I have not considered for years?  The concept of a resolution brought me back to the opening scenes of Bridget Jones Diary!  In the case of Bridget, there were so many underlying factors which impacted her goals.

Rather than resolutions, I approach the new year as a fresh start to set intentions, gain clarity and recognise what has gone before.  From a personal perspective, my goals remain the same as the previous years;

To be present with my family.

To travel and explore new areas of the world for learning, experience and culture.

Health – To keep up my 10,000 steps per day, (now on 1019 consecutive days) and stay focused on my VO2 Max.

The measurement of my goals vary, for example

To be present with my family – I could claim to be present with my family, through being at home and in the company of my family.  The real challenge is being present, so putting my mobile in the other room, actually having conversations with my kids rather than doing laundry, cooking or driving alongside a conversation.

This goal sounds so simple, but it takes huge effort to really be present.  To be present also requires the constant whir of thinking to slow down and find space to really really listen.

The measure of the effort to be present may not be instant, but the value and reward will have depth.

To travel and explore – in October 2022 we travelled throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein, a route we had on the list for decades. We were waiting for the right moment, when our kids were a good age to experience the beautiful scenery, mountains and culture.

Arriving in Geneva, we collected our hire car, we managed to change the written text on the sat nav to English, but could not change the sat nav spoken functionality to English.  We travelled from Geneva to Lucerne, with only French instruction.  This took me back to learning French at school.  It all came back to me, I remembered left, right and distances to ensure we navigated the right route.  To my surprise, we arrived into a tiny mountain top village, via the French directions.  What was amazing, was the realisation to my daughters that the French being taught in school now has value.

This experience was unplanned, yet a highlight.  I love the learning in the moment and the recognition that we have capabilities and strength that we don’t always engage with.  We have this at all times and when we need it most, it will show up.  So while the goal to travel and explore may sound indulgent, it refuels my soul and energy.  It offers amazing learning and understanding in my children.

Again the ability to measure the value of travel and exploring, is a challenge, but I would recognise this a great energy in all aspects of my personal and working life.

Finally the health goal, it is totally measurable!  Hallelujah, but the funniest part of this goal is it was never a goal!  I noticed I was on my longest continuous 10,000 steps per day streak, this is when I made it a goal. I noticed at around 100 days, then kept it up.  Each day, I am conscious to reach the 10,000 steps.  This has led me to measure flight times, time zones and at what time the pilot has said turbulence is likely to start to ensure I make my steps.  I have dragged myself round in all weathers and have even achieved my steps when I should have admitted defeat and rested due to illness.

While 10,000 steps per day is totally measurable and now is a conscious goal, it happened by chance.  I slowed down and took time to interpret my fitness data.  This is also the case with VO2 Max.  I didn’t even know what this was, but once I realised, I had achieved the top level for my age, I wanted to keep it up.  The only challenge here is, I cannot get higher and most likely it will decline, but I want to do my best to keep it up.

I have no resolutions, I have very clear intentions, while I share my personal goals for 2023 and beyond, I challenge you to consider your own intentions… what do you want to keep doing, do more of, or alter in 2023.  There is no judgement in coaching with Zia Savel Ltd, so take time to set positive intentions free from judgement.  You will know what you need to or want to do – enjoy every moment!

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