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Joy of Missing Out – JOMO

I have just returned from five days in the North Coast of Scotland.  It is our retreat. We stay in a fantastic cottage, that is home from home, we look over the sea and a scattering of islands from the cottage.

How was this trip different from other times we have been to our retreat?  Amazon made me an offer while buying a book for work, that I could buy four books instead of the one I planned to buy! Of course, I could not resist and now have four new additions to the shelf.

The book I started with is ‘Meltdown – How to turn your hardship into happiness’ by Jamie Alderton.  Not a book I had heard of, or based on the title had much persuasion to read, but now I had it I had better give it a go.

I started reading one evening and instantly was surprised, it said I could only read one chapter per day!  I was put out.  I wanted to choose myself how much or little as I wanted to read.  This may be linked to why I have hundreds of half read books.

Jamie caught me and stopped my usual pattern, he left me wanting to read on and I could not wait for the next day to read the next chapter.

As the book progressed each chapter, I reconnected with things I already know, or slowed down to recognise new thinking.

The link to our time away, relates to the theory of JOMO.  The Joy of Missing Out.  Possibly the purpose of the trip in the first place.  As a family we wanted to slow down and go back to the simple pleasures of the outdoors, beautiful scenery, spending time together, exploring, walking and enjoying fantastic food.

We did all of that in abundance, we walked in mountains, through bogs, across long sandy beaches and on cliff top paths.  Jamie referenced a time when he had taken a trip and decided to take a break from social media.  I saw this opportunity and also committed to take a social break.  I noticed I did tap the app icon on my phone a couple of times, but I caught myself.  It was a habit.  I clicked and would usually waste hours looking at my phone.  On the occasions I did it, I closed the app without reading a single feed.  It did make me laugh as one app become more insistent that I respond to the notifications and messages.  At one point it even pushed a Police Notification to see if I could be tempted.  I was not and I am still not.  It is now 7 days since I have been on social media.  I admit I use LinkedIn for work, so this is now excused!

I have learned – I had a social media habit and it was not improving any social interactions at all. I am now almost finished my first text book in years.  I have been an audible listener for years and am so proud, I have stuck to Jamie’s book and am now looking forward to leafing through the pages of my other three books.

I have so much time, have better conversations and can focus on these conversations in the moment and not while gazing at a phone.

I am truly rested and have an abundance of energy to get back into the next phase of work and play before summer.

The Joy of Missing Out is far more positive and powerful than any FOMO I have previously experienced.

What is your JOMO and how can you win with it?

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