Jumping with Joy!

Yesterday I saw a grown man jumping with joy at the prospect of his children going back to school.

He explained the impact schools reopening would have on his children, their social and emotional wellbeing while receiving a full education again.  He also expressed the challenges of home schooling, the time and the care his children required, when he was trying to deliver his own work.  He shared his hope of returning to his office, resuming face to face contact and returning his home to be a home.

For many working from home has created multiple strains, from winning Wi-Fi battles, finding quiet space and stretching working hours around caring responsibilities.  Many people have mentioned the tag team approach to parenting, doing work in two hour blocks, which leads to working into the evening to make time up.

Throughout restrictions the focus has been on survival, make do with what we can for now and things will be better.  A greater tolerance and respect has been shown for the personal side of work, with many meetings held with a toddler on someone’s knee, a new puppy crying under the desk, or my favourite has to be comedy cats wondering over the back of chairs or in front of webcams!

Let’s take a breath and ask some tricky questions …

  • How much time have you invested in you?
  • How much time have you invested in your career development?
  • How much time have you spend of what you want when we re-emerge?
  • How do you want to work in the future?
  • How do you raise your aspirations and needs with your employer?
  • What are your covid keepers?
  • What makes you jump with joy?
  • How can you access what will make you jump with joy?

If you would like to find what makes you jump with joy, try coaching.

Coaching is bespoke, an open conversation with no judgement, where you can explore any topics that will make you jump with joy!

Clients often explore and develop actions around:

  • Strategy – How to regain the business direction with full engagement from the leadership team and bounce back with vigour.
  • Reorganisation – Many things around how we work have changed, Does your business model still work?  Use coaching to explore options and actions to discover your business for the future.
  • Career transitions – Returning to work, parental leave, retirement, career change.
  • Promotion – How to take on a new role and deliver your 90 day plan.
  • Team engagement – How to build or rebuild teams through remote working and beyond.

Zia Savel Ltd would love to hear from you.  Please contact zia@ziasavel.com to set up a confidential conversation to start your journey!

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