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The new year offer opportunities to do different things, to focus fully in areas that would otherwise drop into the mass of other demands on your attention and time.

I spend a lot of time working with clients on finding their clarity of what they want to do next in their career?

Some clients come with perfect vision of what and where they want to move their career, while others come knowing it is time for a change, but cannot yet articulate what that change may be.

Some areas to explore for those tempted by a new career this year:

  • Get clear – what are you aiming for?

Roles, companies, location, working patterns

Be specific and link into what draws you to work in that company and what you bring to that company too.

  • Develop your CV to sell your knowledge, skills and experience

Ensure your CV talks the language and tone of the companies you are approaching.  Clients develop a Master CV with all experiences and edit a refined CV to the role.

  • Develop a compelling covering letter.

Clients often develop more than one covering letter to highlight specific skills and links to the role.

The covering letter offers a great way of explaining why you are drawn to this role, this is especially important if you are keen to move sectors, or take a more junior role than your past experience.

  • You have an interview- yeah!

To prepare for the interview, check the role profile and ensure you have examples for each of the areas.  Think about the opener questions that are to give you confidence and to get you started.

These commonly include, please share your career overview to this point?  What attracts you to this role?  What do you know about the company?

Preparing responses to interview questions. Use the model CAR.  What were the CIRCUMSTANCES?  What ACTION did you take? How did you do it? What was the RESULT?  How was this measured?  What was the impact?

  • Any questions? Have some questions prepared for what you want to know.  These are not scored, so you have the chance to gain some clarity of what you need to know.
  • Ask for feedback. It sounds so obvious but it is so common to hear nothing, or to receive empty feedback.  Be clear ask for feedback for your development.  This is really powerful to grow from.

The value for clients is being efficient, taping into their hopes with coaching is faster than they could get there alone, while using tried and tested tools that deliver quick results.  100% of clients seeking new jobs achieved their goals during the coaching agreement.

Feeling the value of working with clients in finding their clarity, refining their CV, developing excellent covering letters.  It is incredible satisfying when clients message to say,

  • ‘I got an interview!’
  • ‘I’m through to the 2nd round interview stage!’
  • ‘I got the job!’
  • ‘Since I focused on changing roles, it has happened quickly.’

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