Listen Up!

Coaches talk about listening to listen, rather than listening to respond or comment.  Listening usually means paying attention to someone speaking, following the conversation and taking in what is being said.  Listening takes concentration, effort and skill.

When you are searching for a new role, where can you find what you are really seeking?

As a coach, I always try to get out of the way of my clients, to allow clients the space to think and find their own answers, approaches and actions.

How well do you listen to yourself?

In the stir of job searching, it can be difficult to stay focused, apply only for roles that really appeal to your knowledge, skills, experience and passion.  There can be a tendency to apply to anything and everything that is close to your experience or sector.  Bulk applying dilutes the quality of applications, reduces the attention to detail and merges all applications into a bank of no responses and rejections.

I have spent a lot of 2020 in conversations with outplacement clients.  Clients who are in a process of applying for roles in their organisation and the prospect of what might come next once the process concludes.  In the outplacement work, I focus on being at your best more of the time.  By being at your best, the clarity of thought and focus to lead you into the future is extraordinarily powerful.

At times of stress, such as in redundancy, furlough and organisational restructures, it is very difficult to see clearly and make the best decisions and action.

Try this!

  • Listen to where you get your energy

Take time to notice what energizes you about your work.  Are there organisations that specialise in where you get your energy?

  • Listen to feedback

What have managers, colleagues, clients said about you?  How could this feedback inform your choices?  If you asked a friend, family, manager, colleagues or client, ‘What would you say the ideal job would be for me?’

  • Listen to your long-term aspirations

How does the current situation lead to long term success?  What can you do alongside your job search?  What could you do now to improve your long-term success?

  • Listen to your heart

If there was no pressure to be earning, to pay the bills – what would you really like to spend your days doing?


Take time to listen to yourself, your heart, your hopes and dreams – you might find an alternative route, that brings enjoyment, satisfaction and reward.

If you are keen to listen to yourself more and have a helping ear through coaching, please reach out to or

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