Paying it Forward!

Mentoring at the University of Aberdeen is a true learning experience.

I have had the pleasure of fantastic mentees across a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. My mentees to date have all been international students (Swedish, French, Greek/Polish and Slovenian) which brings so much mutual learning from a cultural perspective.

My mentees have all been proactive, interested, motivated and so positive about starting their careers. The drive to network and develop routes to finding their first role after graduating is so inspiring.

Approaching my own graduation I only considered going around the world for as long as I could afford. It would never have occurred to me to connect with a mentor in business to help me navigate from education to work.

My traveling experiences did set me up well for the world of work with as my first Energy Sector role covered Europe, Africa, Russia and Caspian relied heavily on confidence in traveling to some very challenging locations. I could not have done this had I not traveling independently.

Mentoring at the University of Aberdeen offers me the opportunity to share my business experience and share my network, while also reigniting my passion for learning, helping others and benefiting hugely from the reverse mentoring that happens between my mentees to me!

Transitions of moving between stages of life are challenging. Having support and space to talk and think clearly is essential.

What are you doing to pay it forward?

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