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Reflections from Changing Times

A memory popped up on social media this month. It shared a range of beautiful pictures from my last trip to Perth, Australia in September 2019.

I was amid an organisational change, with my role being at risk.  I weighed this up and had many conversations about the trip.

Should I go for work?

  • Yes – I could deliver meaningful work to the region.
  • Yes – I had little to do in my base location, due to the organisational change.
  • Yes – One last hurrah – as my roles was at risk, it may be the last opportunity to see colleagues.
  • No – What if I leave and I grudge this time away from my family?

Should I go for me?

  • Absolutely! – I lived in Australia, travelling the whole country and I still have friends there. Especially in Perth.
  • I met friends from my travelling days. We had dinner in Freo in the same places we ventured all those years ago.
  • I met a school friend who immigrated. We had a beautiful dinner in Leederville.
  • I took the ferry to Rottnest and cycled the whole island, as I did all those years ago.
  • I took time for some self care – a hair cut, yoga, remedial massage and plenty of food and drinks!
  • This offered me two weeks of ‘me time’ out with work time.

Reflection from 2023

  • Travelling with work was very lonely.
  • Working two – three time zones: Australia in Australia work time, through to the evening in UK time, then if I really couldn’t sleep, I could catch my US colleagues late into the night/ early morning.
  • Time zones created communication challenges, which was emotionally challenging for the family.
  • The impact of the organisational change was hugely impacting my clarity of thought and mood.
  • Poor sleep quality and duration.
  • I was totally stressed.
  • I was hugely overweight.
  • I found comfort in food and wine.
  • All the above on repeat! One impacted the other, i.e. stress – sleep – diet – weight – fitness – mood – work!


The purpose of sharing this blog:

In 2019, I had a successful corporate career, a wonderful family and financial security.  From the outside it looked perfect.

In 2023, I recognise I have far more abundance in all areas of my life:  Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically & Intellectually.

  • I do the work I love, at times that I work best.
  • I work with wonderful clients, who I have built strong relationships with.
  • My work is hugely rewarding and valued by clients.
  • I spend quality time with my family.
  • I am many kgs lighter and physically fit.
  • Having just read, Dr Chris van Tulleken’s book, ‘Ultra Processed People’! Say no more!


I work with many clients going through organisational change.  Several clients have purposely taken the summer off.

This has felt daunting, indulgent, and irresponsible from their perspective at times.  The waves of confidence and doubt have risen in multiple waves.

As the summer concludes these clients, recognise how they had been functioning in their roles. The impact of stress and pressure in all areas of their lives.

I notice emotional, spiritual, physical, and intellectual differences in these clients, who now show up with clarity, purpose and passion following their time out.

Organisational change offered me an opportunity to change my balance of work and life.  I am so grateful for the changes.

Take Aways

  • I had to realise what was happening for me – nobody could tell me!
  • I had been thinking about career plan B for years, but felt trapped by the salary, title, and the continuous cycle. The organisational change set me free.
  • Coaching provided non-judgemental space to believe in myself and create with confidence.

If you or your organisation could benefit from exploring any of the topics shared in this blog, please get in touch with Zia Savel Ltd.  Email: zia@ziasavel.com



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