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Shop Local

Shop Local is a value I hold strongly.

As the buyer of Executive Coaching for many years, I had a couple of trusted coaches the organisation had worked with in the past.  If there was ever a request for coaching or facilitation I would go back to the same coaches.  The challenge was the primary coach I worked with was based in the south of England.


If your organisation is committed to minimising the carbon footprint, this is a persuasive factor to utilise local capabilities.


The simple observation of distance from the client has a direct cost and time implication.  The idea of Shop Local for coaching, supports the local economy.

Local Context

My corporate career was in the Energy Sector.  I experienced numerous waves of prosperity, followed by gruelling down turns.  While I was only at risk once in my corporate life, I felt it was very close numerous times.


In business, strong relationships are where the trust and confidence commence.  There is a great opportunity to broaden local connections, which builds stronger relationships and networks to develop from.


When we meet, you may notice I encourage always meeting at local independent coffee shops for a couple of reasons.

  1. The coffee is fantastic (often accompanied by a square of tablet).
  2. Service is personal.
  3. All of the above – environmental, economics, local context & relationships.

When you are seeking Executive Coaching & Facilitation, look no further.  The quality of coaches for all genres and styles are on our doorstep.  The wonderful Scottish coaching community is supportive and collaborative.  We often share work and on pass clients who have the best fit with another coach.

To hear more get in touch with Zia Savel Ltd.  zia@ziasavel.com

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