Thinking Strategically!

Do you ever look back at strategy from past years and celebrate what has been achieved?

I always think about strategy as a future focus, but recently I found a strategy I created in 2018. I was amazed and elated to see everything I set out to achieve was accomplished. It felt so good to see the strategic plans and notice the impact.

Thinking ahead to the Zia Savel Ltd strategy for 2021 and beyond, I had a feeling that I should conform, sit at my desk and theorize about what my business will strive to do, but I had no inspiration to even start.

I’m on day 252 of achieving 10k per day. While on a walk last week my strategy came to me. I looked out at the landscape, I considered what was important to me to be at my best for my clients.

I considered the offerings to clients, who my clients are and could potentially be.

I noticed my strategy came with ease, my thoughts were clear, uninterrupted and future focused.

I had clarity of my plans.

Had I forced myself to sit at my desk to focus, the quality and ease of development would not have flowed so easily.

What do you need to

– be at your best?

– do your best work?

– be the best for your business, clients, employees, shareholders?


Executive Coaching and Executive Facilitation are effective, efficient and energising in strategic leadership and business development.

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