Want or Need?

“When you need me, you don’t want me.  When you want me, you don’t need me.”

Nanny McPhee


This quote has shown up twice for me in 2 days.

This morning while trying to peal myself out for my early morning walk.

A brisky, breezy walk was exactly what I needed to gain clarity for the day ahead. Really all I wanted to do was have longer in bed and have a lazy start to the day.

Somehow I managed to get up, and out on the hill. It was cooler, with a breeze. This tapped into my senses immediately.  I was wide awake and started to explore and commit to my intentions for the day.

With the clarity of the early morning walk, I commit without distraction or pull from others. I have ownership and purpose.


To link back to Executive Coaching, the exact same quote applies.

When we need the space, clarity, safe exploration to inquire, understand, grow and take action from, the same sensations are present.

Stepping into any help from yourself or other is hugely courageous. Many people can see the benefits to coaching, but experience barriers from self or others to go for it.

I see and hear the Nanny McPhee quote with clients often. The language changes and confidence grows. There may be the feeling of being vulnerable following coaching, as the trusted partnership concludes.

A principal of working with Zia Savel Ltd is to create independence and for clients to know they will excel in their next phase with confidence and purpose.

If you have a need, even if you don’t want to explore – be courageous and contact Zia Savel zia@ziasavel.com


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