Where does your work take you?

The inspiration for this blog comes as I plan ahead to an event at Edinburgh Zoo!

I am excited to work with the new client and to hold the event at Edinburgh Zoo conference facilities.  As I was feeling the positive prospect of the work I am about to undertake, I reflected on the last 6 months and where I have ventured with work.

2022 Travels

Since starting the business, a lot of time was in lockdown, so 2022 has really been the opportunity to travel again.  The pleasure of delivering Leadership Development in the Lake District, Exec Leadership Team Development in Caithness, Exec Leadership Team Challenge reaching the top of a mountain in Aviemore, beautiful parks in Aberdeen, multiple Farm Shops and Beaches for Coaching Clients and recently I went to the Sir Arthur Grant Building in Monymusk.  The energy of teams and coaching clients getting together in person is so valuable.  It is a true pleasure to see reactions, watch relationships grow and clarity for self and business become visible.

Personal Travels

Taking time out is a theme I often talk about, which takes me back to the years before starting my career. I wanted to explore the world before getting into a professional role with a reliable salary.  I saved like crazy, worked all hours I could in hospitality and bought a one-way ticket to Sydney, with stop overs in New York, Mexico City, Los Angeles. I travelled in each region of the stop overs and stayed my full visa allowance in Australia, before heading home via Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand alone.

  • Freedom is a reflection from my travels, I am balanced, so always ensured I had enough to fulfil my aspirations from the trip. I could go where I wanted, when I wanted and with who I wanted.
  • People were the making of the trip. The shared experiences created strong bonds, that had lasted over 20 years.
  • Trust in myself. By the end of my trip, I wanted to be wholly focuses on what I wanted and needed.  I needed to know what I could do alone, I needed to find space to create a plan for my return home.

This year we have ventured to Finland, NC500, Shropshire, Poland and Slovakia.  It is so good to get back out and reconnect with the travel bug and far-flung friends.  The energy I get from travel and connecting is delightful.

Earlier Career Travels

My early career took me all over Scotland from Crieff to Kirkwall while working in Education.  With my personal passion for travel I moved industry and started a Learning Role with responsibility for Europe, Africa, Russia and Caspian in Energy.  I found my passport fully stamped and a hearty experience building, as I delivered Leadership Development from Algiers to Atyrau, Pescara to Point Noir and Facilitated Executive Leadership Meetings in the UAE to USA.  My travel bug and career aspirations met and I loved work and travel.

For a time I wanted to be closer to home, but this was short lived which took me back on my travels with the opportunity to reconnect with friends from my 1st round the world trip and beyond.  I connected with my ex-colleague in Malaysia and the manager of my backpackers in Freo.  The connections made while traveling are lifelong friendships.

What makes Edinburgh Zoo so exciting?

My clients know I am always keen to travel and am agile to mobilise at short notice, but my real passion is being able to access organisational perspectives quickly, assist the client at pace, while  not creating a dependency.

For Executive Coaching and Facilitation to be effective, my assistance empowers and equips leaders to move forward with purpose and passion in their organisation.

I love stepping into organisations, fulfilling the brief and stepping away.  This offers diverse experience which benefits current and future clients.  When working with Zia Savel Ltd, you can be assured of confidentiality, responsive correspondence, fast turnaround from proposals to delivery.

I come back to my experiences of the Freedom to find my direction; this comes alive in work too.  Thinking harder and pushing more, crushes creativity.  Taking time out to be free and tap into your wisdom delivers much more at pace.

Connections with People in the work environment, built on a strong foundation of Trust can make almost anything possible.

If it is time for you and/or your business to explore and take time to find your direction, let’s explore together, contact zia@ziasavel.com


Expect to see a photo of me at the Zoo soon!




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