You are here!

Every moment of every day you are here.  Here in this moment, not in the past and not yet in the future.

Is being right here, right now what you and your business need?

Take a step back for a moment, think about your average week?  Are your regular tasks, meetings, interactions and relationships fulfilling what you and your business need to be up to right now?

The reason I pursue ‘right now’ is because we sometimes find ourselves in the routine, we have leadership team meetings, we assume the same guises and behaviours as we sign in each time.

What if:

  • something was different?
  • someone could help you see something in a new light?
  • someone could stretch your thinking, the thinking of your team and in turn your business prosperity and direction?

Executive Facilitation offers:

  • structure and accountability
  • clarity and enquiry
  • all the leaders in the room to be present, while the facilitator ensures everything runs to time and facilitates changes as they arise
  • an objective observer, who can share observations to enhance individual, team and business performance

Zia Savel Ltd will listen to the business aspirations and design your leadership team meeting to set the leader, team and business for success.

Executive Facilitation can also be accompanied by Executive Leadership Team development though 1:1 and team coaching, while also utilising profiling tools to create a shared language for the team to have authentic conversations and act with the best business intentions, even when having a courageous conversation.

With the clarity created though Executive Facilitation and Coaching, being, ‘right here now’ will mean you are focused on what will deliver your business today and for the future.

If this is what you and your team need, please reach out to

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