Happy New Year! Welcome to Work in 2023!

I hope you had a wonderful festive break.  The big question – what are your goals for 2023?

Surely everyone starts the new year with total clarity and pounce off the new year blocks into the year with purpose, drive and clear direction…

The reality is the end of year burn out impacted leaders hard in 2022.  The end of the year was late into the 20s and there was a rush to get work completed, then straight into hectic festive plans.  For many leaders, there was no time to wind down and settle at the end of the year.

I remember being on call over the festivities in my corporate role and decided to work between Christmas and New Year.  While I really wanted to be free of the on call commitments, I was delighted to do the big email clear out, set up the new folders, tidy the pedestal and get all set for the new year.

The physical activities is ending, tidying up and preparing for the new year are personal to each of us.  Our preferences will all vary and our ongoing organisation will impact how big the tidy is!

In starting the new year, be kind to yourself and your team.  Indulge in slowing down to get a really good start to the year.  Ensure time is taken to prepare and gather your own intentions for Q1.

Now turn the lens from what you need to what does your team and business need?

Zia Savel Ltd was hectic right up until 23rd December, so I have no halo to shine, but my clients do!  My clients took time out in December to slow down, gather thoughts, source and agree clarity to create strong plans for the year ahead.

Clients in December engaged in Strategy Board Meetings, which included a huge amount of prework to personally gain clarity in each business area, share the findings with peers and roll up into the big picture for the Board.

The benefits include starting the year with:

  • Clarity, purpose and action
  • Board buy in and market confidence
  • A compelling message to the business with clear business goals, to cascade into personal deliverables which links with performance cycles.

The final week of December kicked off new Executive Coaching and Systemic Team Coaching Programmes with a range of clients.

Starting this work in December allowed for the thinking to slow down and create space for what the individuals and the teams are seeking for 2023.

If you were charging to the end of the year and are now ready to gather your thoughts and gain clarity for you, your leadership and your business please reach out.

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